Quality Control

Quality Control

Ensuring Precision and Excellence in Manufacturing

At Mechmak CNC India Pvt Ltd, we are committed to delivering products of the highest quality, adhering to strict standards and employing robust quality control measures throughout our manufacturing processes. Our comprehensive Quality Control program encompasses a range of key practices to ensure precision, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


Operator Controlled Quality through Control Plans

Our quality control system is operator-centric, with detailed control plans in place for each stage of the manufacturing process. This ensures that every step is meticulously executed according to parameters.


Stage Drawings
Each Stage

We utilize stage drawings at each production stage, providing clear visual references that guide our operators in maintaining consistent quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.


Excellent Revision Controls with Impeccable Traceability

We maintain rigorous revision controls, ensuring that all revisions are accurately recorded and documented. This impeccable traceability enables us to identify and address any issues swiftly and effectively.


Advanced Planning

Advanced planning drives our quality control process. We optimize schedules, allocate resources efficiently, and streamline workflows, ensuring on-time delivery and exceeding expectations.


Receiving Inspection

Our receiving inspection process ensures that all incoming materials and components meet the required specifications and quality standards before they are integrated into our manufacturing processes.


First Piece Approval

To guarantee the quality of our products, we conduct first piece approval inspections to verify the dimensional accuracy and functionality of the initial piece produced.



We perform comprehensive in-process inspections at critical stages of production, ensuring that our products meet the specified requirements and maintain the highest levels of quality.


Engineered Part

We employ specialized procedures and equipment to handle engineered parts with utmost care and protecting their quality during transportation and assembly.



A thorough final audit is conducted to verify that all manufacturing processes have been executed correctly and that the final products meet our stringent quality standards.


Packaging per Photographic Instruction

Packaging is executed precisely according to photographic instructions, ensuring that the products are protected during transportation and arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

We are proud to have implemented additional quality control practices, including an 8-D Corrective Action Program, Lot One PPAP Control, a formal Continuous Improvement Program, Preventative Maintenance Program, Formal Employee Training Program, Capability Study, and Downtime Analysis.

These initiatives further enhance our commitment to delivering excellence and continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations.

At Mechmak CNC India Pvt Ltd, quality control is not just a process; it is a fundamental part of our company culture. We continually strive for excellence, ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of precision, durability, and reliability.